Q: Are you a legitimate coordination body?

A: YES! Our coordination's have been challenged all the way up to Laura Smith (Special Council for Amateur Radio Enforcement in Gettysburg) and withstood that test.


Q: Doesn't the NFCC need to recognize a coordinator before they can coordinate frequencies?

A: NO! The NFCC is irrelevant and quite possibly defunct anyway.


Q: How can I become a member of the TXFCA?

A: Simple. You can't. TFCA does not offer memberships. The only purpose of the TFCA is Frequency Coordination. Memberships would serve no purpose.


Q: Do you maintain your own frequency coordination database?

A: No. We use the services of repeaterbook.com to track frequency usage. We consult all available databases before issuing a coordination. The team feels the the database should be open and customers should be able to peruse it at their leisure and do their own research to find a possible open frequency. Additionally, repeaterbook offers the ability for users to comment and report repeaters off the air. This is a HUGE bonus and goes miles towards eliminating "paper repeaters".

Q: How can I become a coordinator under the TFCA flag?

A: To become a coordinator, contact an existing coordinator and ask. Whoever you reach out to will consult with the team and a unanimous decision will be made to accept or reject your application.

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